I’ve been MIA for a few months

Long story short

I dropped both my SD’s because I have this horrid fear of attachment 

That being me growing attached to another person 

and also to other people growing attached to me 

So with Shrink it was the first case, and Manufacturer the second. 

A lot of things have been going on 

and a lot of changes as well

So there is a possibility that I may be dipping back into the bowl within the next couple months

I just need to put myself back together. 

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Frank Kelly Freas

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All will gaze upon me and know my power.



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I am supposedly this really aggressive girl. Supposedly I am uber aggressive and demanding, however all I do, is assert myself. Assert myself in situations where I am being treated poorly or with disrespect. Supposedly expecting an ounce of respect and human decency is aggression. Demanding to not be yelled at, abused verbally, touched by people and treated as a moron is aggression.

What happens when women are really aggressive? What happens when we actually flip tables for no reason and punch men in the crouch. What happens when we scream bloody murder for someone accidentally touching us. What happens when women actually are unprovoked and abuse everyone in their sphere. Well then women are crazy.

So either we are are crazy or aggressive, we are hysterical or we are bitches. We are never just assertive or rational. We couldn’t be, because acknowledging our need to assert ourselves, as women, means misogyny needs to be acknowledged in your behavior.

—Angelene Norman (via foxgrl)

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Hello new friends!

I was wondering where this surge of new followers came from. But scrolling through my dash I now realize it was because of my sweet darling’s (pinch-of-sugar) answer to an ask. Lol.

So salutations!
Go ahead and reach out if it compels you.
I love connecting to you girls!

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The claim that sex workers “sell their bodies” is not only logically absurd (I was a prostitute for years, but my body is still right here with me), but totally sexist because it is based on the notion that a woman’s sexuality is her entire worth. The belief behind this expression is that since a woman has nothing of value to offer except her sexuality, if she “sells” that she has “sold herself” and there is nothing left. The fact that anti-sex worker activists use this expression so often says a lot about them. —

Maggie McNeal, commenting on Chicago Tribune article. (via slutwalksac)

I like to say that if I buy a house and decide to invite guests over, does that mean that I just sold my house? No, it’s still my house and nobody but me owns it. I did not sell it, I only hosted a party with an entrance fee.

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Sitting on my flight to NY. The last two times I’ve been on a plane it’s been first class.

So many people. O.O

But damn I’m sitting with a French father and his beautiful son so the view isn’t so bad.

Debating on practicing my very basic French with them.

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Il favoloso mondo di Amelie

One of my other favorites. I don’t typically like romance films either.
But this one is so beautiful.
It inspired me to learn ‘Comptine d’un autre ete’ on guitar.

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One of my first POTS just left me a voicemail on whether I wanted the Googlepad he got me months ago…

Should I take it and dip out?

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It’s 4:25 am. I have a 5 am eyelash appointment.

The things I do for vanity. My God.

I would have laughed in your face if you told me I’d be doing this last year.

Sigh. How things have changed.

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